practice Yoga with your kids!

practice Yoga inside or outside!

set smart goals and track your progress (gold star stickers not included)

Do yoga in your underwear! or your ugliest sweats... or dress up if you want - no one is judging!

Start a Home Yoga Practice

With Our Easy Novice/Beginner Plan

Make Yourself a Priority!

Our goal is to provide the guidance, instruction and tools to bring yoga into the lives of real people.   —- Jenny & Kristi

How a yoga practice will benefit YOU:

  • Increase mindfulness
  • Reduce the impact of stress
  • Improve flexibility
  • Increase strength
  • Improve fitness level

Our Wellness Program Focus:

  • Yoga: short beginner/novice poses and flows
  • Hydration – water water water!
  • Sleep
  • Nutrition
  • Cardio
  • Play
  • Mindfulness

Build a home yoga practice with short manageable sessions.

We sorted our beginner videos into a 7-step slow progression – easy and doable – particularly for the novice or beginner. You’ll find us using the words “week” and “step” interchangably, but you can take it at whatever pace you’d like…. By the end of the progression, you will have a full flow to practice any time.

Week/Step one includes 3 poses and the flow video is just 3 minutes! This is a great go-to on those especially busy days. You won’t believe how much benefit 3 minutes will have for you in every area of your life.

For each following week/step we add 2-4 poses to the prior step.

Step six has a full flow practice that includes ground poses, standing poses and balance poses for a complete yoga session — but is still under 15 minutes!

Each step in the progression includes:

  • Video 1: Pose introductions with complete instructions, at a slow form-focused pace
  • Video 2: Yoga flow incorporating the poses introduced so far at the pace of your breath
  • Audio-Only version of the yoga flow: allows you to be more mindful to your practice once you’re familiar enough with the poses
  • Pose photographs & benefit descriptions

New to yoga?

Watch the video below to see what the beginner progression will work up to, step by step.

Have some yoga experience?

Enjoy the step-6 video below for a complete full body flow. Become a member and explore our growing video library.