Find your calm

Make yourself a Priority

Yoga for Real People

Learn a Home Yoga Practice so you can find calm and connect with yourself:

When you want. Where you want.

Make CALM & CONNECTEDpriority . . .  

for yourself and for the people you love.

Yoga is proven to:

  • Increase mindfulness
  • Reduce the impacts of stress
  • Improve flexibility & fitness level
  • Increase strength

Membership Plans

Monthly Auto-Renew

Budget friendly and hassle free

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Month to Month

For those who don’t want the commitment
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30 /Days

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We’ve Got You Covered

A little goes a long way

Short sessions to fit into ANY schedule Even 3 minutes getting centered and breathing has a big impact on your mind and body

Slow Instructional Videos

Jenny breaks it down to make it easy to understand and follow Know exactly where to focus your attention with each pose

Audio-only Yoga Flows

Preferred by most members after viewing the instructional videos Following the flow sequence in audio only allows more focus on your body and breath

Printable Goal Sheets & Progress Trackers

We have tools to help you create a plan and stay on course. Periodic challenges for accountability & targeted wellness included in membership.

Private Facebook Group

A supportive community for members only Facebook Live yoga sessions coming soon!

Wellness Blog

Guidance, suggestions and support for all areas of health and wellness

Personal Consulting & Coaching

Currently offering one-on-one experiences for residents of Whatcom County Includes online monthly membership

eBook Coming Soon

We are creating an eBook! Members receive a deep discount on all products and services

Find your calm

Make yourself a Priority

Yoga for Real People

Linda’s Personalized Flow Video:



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This flow is a result of a personal consultation and customized plan.

This service is valued at $300 but members get priority scheduling and a DISCOUNT!

For information about this service, or any of our services or membership plans, email us:

We have tools to help you plan your wellness and track your progress

From setting SMART goals to staying on course

Free! 10 minute yoga flow video