Chakra Five – Throat Chakra


The Fifth Chakra in the human body is located in the throat region. This Chakra is the center of communication, listening etc.

Organs and Functions depending on the Throat Chakra– Thyroid and Parathyroid glands are connected to this chakra. It impacts communication, hearing, listening, self expression and decision making etc.

The Throat Chakra can be overactive or underactive:

Overactive Throat Chakra

In the overactive mode, the throat chakra can make a person critical and judgmental about those around him. Shrill, loud and domineering individuals who yell and shout at others (but do not allow others to talk back at them) tend to have overactive Fifth Chakras. Such people also tend to be in disharmony with their own feelings. They are unable to listen or understand and make up for it by intellectualizing, over analyzing or avoiding vulnerability of feelings.

Underactive Fifth Chakra

Sometimes the Fifth Chakra can be underactive. People with underactive Throat Chakras tend to whisper; they are afraid of openly expressing their views. They are timid or unable to stand up for themselves. They may also be forgetful or unable to articulate and express their feelings.


Aromatherapy oils like

  • rose

  • ylang-ylang

  • sandalwood

can be used to benefit one during meditation.



Color associated with the throat chakra– Blue.


I communicate with ease.

I am able to clearly state my needs.

I am able to speak my truth with ease.

My truth is love.”

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