Think of your goal as a destination… 

Choose the destination and know your WHYs

A clear set of WHYS will remind you to stay on course. What are your “Whys”?
Some will tell you that if your goal is for someone else you won’t reach it, but that isn’t true for everyone or every goal. In fact, some people are wired to NEED outer expectation and accountability. What works for one, may not work for another. What works for you? Think about the benefits of the trip and the end location and really choose to go.

Where are you starting from?

Evaluate where you are.

Set S.M.A.R.T. goals. Choose your path/route.

Break it down into steps.

If you set your GPS for the trip, every small step is important. Miss a step (road) and you’ll have to reroute the trip. That’s ok – reroute as necessary – but having a clear route and staying on it will get you there faster.

Here are some tools and tips for your “road trip”                    

Evaluate Where You ARE

The first step is to assess where you’re starting from. Download the Evaluation Form or get a notebook and write down your answers to the following:








Evaluate your Wellness Levels:  (Low=1 High=4)

Nutrition    1     2     3     4

Hydration    1     2     3     4

Cardio    1     2     3     4

Strength   1     2     3     4

Flexibility   1     2     3     4

Lifestyle Activities   1     2     3     4

Stress Relief   1     2     3     4

Mindfulness    1     2     3     4

Mood    1     2     3     4

Play/Create    1     2     3     4

Meditation/Prayer    1     2     3     4

Love/Service    1     2     3     4

Which areas are your strongest?

Which areas need improvement?

What has contributed to your success in the past?

What challenges need to be addressed?


Now, set some SMART goals!

When setting goals it is important to follow the SMART principle:

S -Specific

M -Measurable

A -Attainable

R -Realistic

T -Time Sensitive

Click Here to Download the SMART Goals worksheet

Goals are what gives us a focus and keeps us on track, without them we have a much bigger chance of giving up on whatever activity we are pursuing.  When setting goals, its good to look short term and long term.  Meeting short term goals will help motivate us on our way to our long term goals.

Goals for 2018 (you may have more than 3, but try not to make this an overwhelming number)




Broken down into Goals for:  1st quarter / 2nd quarter / 3rd quarter / 4th quarter

1. ________________________ / ________________________ / ________________________ / ________________________ 

2. ________________________ / ________________________ / ________________________ / ________________________ 

3. ________________________ / ________________________ / ________________________ / ________________________ 

Short Term S.M.A.R.T. Goals (4-5 weeks; this month)




Immediate Action Quest S.M.A.R.T. Goals (right now, today, this week)





Plan for success (be specific!):

Once your goals are broken down into manageable action steps, you might like to use this Goal Setter sheet

Use this downloadable Goal Setter to set your 4-week goals and/or your goals for this week.

TIPS for Goal Success

  1. Write Them Down.
  2. Commit.
  3. Tell Someone Your Goal(s).
  4. Get Accountability / Support.
  5. Make an Action Plan.
  6. Use Reminders to Stay Focused.
  7. Try Visualizing what it will feel like when you accomplish your goal.
  8. Use Anchors – Tie new behaviors to established habits.
  9. Know Your “Why” and Emotionally Connect with your goal.
  10. Break it Down into manageable short bits.
  11. Dare to Dream Big and to Start Small.
  12. Take Consistent Action Every Day. 
  13. Plan for obstacles and low-motivation days.