Welcome Quester!

We are SO happy to have you with us!

Your next steps:

Pre-Quest Work

View the Goal Setting page — Click Here

  • Evaluate where you are now (you may skip portions that don’t interest you)
  • Read the Goal Setting tips
  • Set your S.M.A.R.T. goals — long term and then break them down
  • Test out your goals this week before making a full commitment to them next week

Explore the tracking sheets — Click Here

  • Download/Print the ones you think will work best for you
  • Find an Affirmation that you can relate to
  • Decide on your weekly Intention
  • Consider a Love/Service focus or goal (Kristi’s is “Pay Full Attention while listening”
  • If you want to meal plan and food track, do this before Week one begins and get groceries
  • Enter your goals to test out your chosen tracker(s)

This should all be done prior to January 8th.

Week One

  • Commit to your goals for this week
  • Fill out your tracker with affirmation, intention, gratitude and goals
  • Schedule your Yoga and other fitness activities and put them on your calendar
  • Connect with the Facebook group to share your goals and support your fellow Questers

Go to the Week One Video page — Click Here

  • Read about the poses for this week
  • Watch and follow along with the Pose Introduction video
  • Follow along with the Week One Pose Flow – repeat or add additional poses as you wish/have the time for
  • Track your days paying special attention to Water consumption
  • Connect with the Facebook group to share your successes and your challenges and support your fellow Questers
  • Let us know what you like best, what is confusing or missing, or what could use an improvement by commenting at the bottom of the Video page (constructive criticism will make our program better – don’t be shy!)

At the end of the week, take some time to review, re-evaluate and plan for Week Two 

Week One Video Flow is the one we want you to practice every day (or most days), at least once (twice a day would be awesome!) for the entire Quest.

The following weekly videos will get longer and gradually intensify — our goal for you is to do them 1-2 times during their prospective weeks, not every day. If you have the time and ability you’re welcome to do them every day, but week one flow is incredibly beneficial on its own without requiring a big time commitment. The most important thing with a yoga practice is to consistently practice — the length of time or level of intensity can grow with you. Make choices you can commit to and you will be successful.